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osmo dry shampoo

Osmo Day Two Dry Shampoo


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Osmo Dry Shampoo is a 150ml professional version of the must-have product of the moment. Dry shampoos are incredibly popular, and is essentially like having the ability to wash your hair in a can! Think of it as a quick and easy alternative to a daily wash and blow dry.

This Day Two styler absorbs excess oil and adds volume while it revitalises and refreshes. It is an instant dry shampoo spray that cleans hair without water meaning that there is no need to wash hair every day. It also creates volume that enables new styles to last all day and has a fresh citrus fragrance rejuvenates hair.

To achieve the look, all you need to do for a refreshed and volumised style is to hold can upright approximately 25cm from hair and spray evenly.

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